Psyclon Nine – Divine Infekt

The music of Psyclon Nine from the USA, cosily named after a variant of the nerve gas Zyklon-B, is certainly not made with the help of an original formula. Mix some Hocico, Feindflug, Suicide Commando and Wumpscut in a boiling pan and try to play more brutal than they do. The end result is of course loud and aggressive. Monotonous stamping beats, ultra-distorted vocals, dark synth undertones and the usual samples about hell and destruction.

You can’t call the music of Psyclon Nine very subtle. It’s perhaps well suited to release your energy at EBM dancefloors. For enjoyment at home the music on “Divine Infekt” is probably too superficial. There’s also not much variation present on this album. The last track is a remix of the title track by labelmates and comparable act Tactical Sekt. This is a straightforward cyber clubhit.

There’s nothing innovative about this album, they just try to empower you with sheer force. If you’re a Hocico adept or if you think Suicide Commando has become too soft, you should taste the brutal and harsh Psyclon Nine…

artist: Psyclon Nine
label: Noitekk
details: 10 tracks [NTK 010]