Puissance – Genocidal

The Americal label L.S.D.Organization is specialized in limited releases on vinyl, often with special packages. They have released music from the likes of Nordvargr/Drakh, Survival Unit, Slogun, Merzbow, Ah-Cama Sotz, Iron Justice, Slogun, so mostly in the industrial field. This single by Puissance was released in 2000. The songtitles ‘Genocidal’ and ‘Biological waste’ don’t sound very plesant, and the artwork is is correspondance to that, with unendless lines of graves. The single, on white vinyl with some red/brown stains, has to be played at 33 rpm and comes with an insert sheet and two postcards.

Puissance is known for their mixture of bombastic orchestral classcial sounds and harsher industrial-ambient elements. Usually the atmosphere is rather grim and militaristic. ‘Genocidal’ is a powerful symphony, with sweeping strings, dynamic percussion and threatening horn sounds. On top of that you get rather desperate spoken words, creating a tragic effect. ‘Biological waste’ is a slower ambient composition, mysterious and ominous, with dark and sounds. A nice single to have in your collection.

artist: Puissance
label: L.S.D.Organization
details: 7', 2 tracks. limited to 300 copies. Lsdo-s026 (2000)