Punck – A movie without images

I?ve always liked the 3? CD format a lot, they look nice, they ask for custom packaging, and the music is not too long.

On this simple but nicely packed CDR by Punck, is one 20 minute piece of concrete ambient recordings and minimal composition. The recordings are very delicate and immediately remind of the works of Toy Bizarre, Steve Roden or Small Cruel Party. Soft, crackling soundscapes with a smooth atmosphere are sporadically interluded by spoken word and small screeches, crackles and pops.

It forms some sort of ?soundtrack? to an imaginary movie, a movie without images, a movie for the ear. This is very well done, and because its length is only 20 minutes it does not become boring at all. An excellent and exciting release with a very special atmosphere.

artist: Punck
label: Ctrl+alt+canc records
details: 3" cd [ctrlcd01]