Punish Yourself – Disco Flesh: Warp 99

This French band knows how to tackle cyberpunk. Their mix of industrial, metal and punk is explosive. Disco Flesh: Warp 99 is a loud album that cannot be called enlightened, but it is very effective (for the dancefloor). Bands like Ministry and KMFDM sound very relaxing compared with Punish Yourself.

In case this kind of music becomes fashionable again, like in the early nineties with bands like Die Krupps, Oomph! and Cubanate, Punish Yourself has a good chance to reach a broader audience. ‘Enter me now’, Night Club’ en Night of the Hunter’ are just three of the songs on this album that would do good on the alternative dancefloor.

The songs and style of Punish Yourself on Disco Flesh: Warp 99 are not very original but the band has put the songs together in good way. Recommended for fans of Atari Teenage Riot and any of the bands mentioned above.

artist: Punish Yourself
label: Geisha Machine Records/Mosaic Music
details: 12 tracks