Punk Soul Loving Bill – Industrie

Like Sonnenbrandt, this German band with the weird name Punk Soul Loving Bill, plays ‘Neo Deutsche Welle music’. Their sound is less elektro pop orientated and slightly more rock influenced as with Sonnenbrandt. In a way they sound more authentic Neue Deutsche Welle.

A brilliant track like ‘Robert’ makes clear the band works in the NDW tradition and knows what it is doing. This track is more then a great parody/tribute to ‘Paul’ by Synthenphall from 1981. Songs with hit potential are ‘Rallyeweltmeister’ and ‘Stahlbau’, which are nice melodic mid tempo pieces.

If you are a fan of the NDW sound you should give this (self-released) cd and this band a try. They also have a very nice 10” EP out entitled ‘Kaiserwetter’. You can see and hear the band live on 9 September at the Hex party in Amsterdam.

artist: Punk Soul Loving Bill
details: cd, 8 tracks, 2005