Puyo Puyo – A new trick item

Puyo Puyo is a lo-fi / minimal robotpop project. In less than twenty minutes eight different pieces of music are being served to the listener.

Only ‘Play Skip Stop’ can be called a real song. It is a catchy tune that will do well on the dancefloor. The other tracks are more pieces of sound than actual songs with a head and a tail. Weird and freaky sounds are placed on top of minimal rhythms. It sounds like good authentic analogue music. Most tracks are rather playful due to cheerful melodies (‘Sundea, Bloody Sundea’ and ‘Melodie en Sous Sol’).
A Novel Trick Item is a nice little record but not a must have.

artist: Puyo Puyo
label: Gagarin Records
details: 12', 8 tracks [gr2011]