Puyo Puyo – The Love & Furry EP

Puyo Puyo produces crazy lo-fi elektro tunes. Often the sounds used will remind you of the sounds that come out of an 8 bit game console. But the tracks Puyo Puyo produces with these sounds are very refreshing. You will hear no cheap and slick dance tunes but weird sound sculptures with original rhythms and crazy twists to them.

The Love & Fury EP is a one-sided 10” with six tracks with rather heavy rhythms. The tunes are very minimalistic and playful but never boring or cliché.

If you are not familiar with Puyo Puyo yet, this EP is a nice start. Otherwise it is a very good addition to the other fine records by this artist.

artist: Puyo Puyo
label: Ego Twister
details: vinyl 10”, 6 tracks [ETW005]