Qntal – III: Tristan und Isolde

About 10 years ago Qntal released two albums (entitled I an II) that were very well received among the wave/gothic scene. Band members were Sigrid Hausen (vocals) and Michael Popp (instruments), both from the medieval music ensemble Estampie, and Ernst Horn (electronics) from the darkwave formation Deine Lakaien. After those two records, with a couple of hits that are still part of many gothic dj’s’ playlists (‘Ad Mortem Festinamus’ and ‘Palästinalied’), there was a long, very long, silence around this band. A little more than a year ago Ernst Horn released an medieval cross-over album with his new project Helium Vola. And now, finally, there is a new Qntal album, without the participation of Ernst Horn.

III is all one could expect from Qntal. Medieval lyrics are combined with melodies and fragments of medieval music and electronics. On the record are some danceable tunes, like the medieval trip-hop-like song ‘Name der Rose’ and the sort of Carimina Burana song on beats ‘Ecce Gratum’. Most songs are more quiet and atmospheric, like the almost acoustic ‘Entre Moi Et Mon Amin’ (the single version of this song is also a bit trip-hop-like) and the dreamscape ‘Spiegelglas’.

III is a beautiful album with good songs on it. The musical skills of the band are used to the best effect. The thing is that this is not a different album than the previous two. Musically III is more of the same, although the sound has been a little updated. Anyway, the fact is that this is a very good and above all beautiful album.

artist: Qntal
label: Stars in the Dark