Qntal – Nihil

One of the most characteristic elements in the music of Qntal is their attention for atmosphere and nice moods. So, it was quite a shock when I first listened to this single. Both the title track and ‘Stella Splendens’ (both non album tracks) are very much dancefloor orientated with loud dominant beats. Due to this most other sounds only have a small role to play in the background.

Also the remix of ‘Am Morgen Fruo’ by Das Ich member Bruno Kramm is a dancefloor track. Luckily the last song of this single is a long and more quite version of ‘Stella Splendens’. In this song Qntal displays her creativity and beauty as one might expect. The combination of traditional music and modern electronic rhythms are in perfect harmony.

I sure hope that this single is not a teaser for a new album, less loud beats would be good, just as some more attention to moods. But for the dancefloor this is excellent material, no doubt about it.

artist: Qntal
label: Stars in the Dark
details: 4 tracks, [VK 03216-2]