RA-X – Leben und Tod

RA-X is the Dutchman Vincet Koreman, who is also known as a member of the bands The Travoltas and Speedboat F.C. The dark electronic music that he makes under the moniker RA-X has little resemblance to these two projects. For years he has released his music through well known labels as Bunker and KK Records.

With Leben und Tod, released by the German dark electro label Kommando 6, RA-X proves to be part of the European electro top. Opening song ‘Die Wahrheit’ is a distorted and gloomy electro track that every devotee of the genre will instantly like. It is a good dance track and, in any case within the genre, an original piece of music. The tin can and industrial sound of this song is also evident in ‘Smack City Sewer Anthem’.

Songs like ‘1987’ and ‘Viper’ are more traditional with typical bleeps and nice doomy synth layers. Leben und Tod is again an excellent release in the Kommando 6 series. And, as a fellow Dutchman you should be proud this record is a Dutch product. Deutsch Niederländische Freundschaft!

artist: RA-X
label: Kommando 6
details: ep, 6 tracks [K6-X]