Radio Eichenlaub – Coats devoured by Colours

Radio Eichenlaub is a mysterious German project, originally a duo, later reduced to a solo project of Hans Johm. This is the third release on their label Sonderübertragung, after an untitled debut album and a compilation with various acts called “Funkfeuer”. In the meantime the project seems to have changed its name, Radio Eichenlaub must be called from now on Antlers Mulm, under which name already one record has been released. The limited release I have in front of me is housed in a nice original cardboard sleeve.

Combining symphonic and industrial elements, with a nostalgic, perhaps somewhat esoteric mood, forceful but not really martial. The songs are rather long and quite tranquil, gradually built-up, with a somewhat misty sound, slightly bombastic but not overdone. Apparently this project has been inspired by Kraftwerk and early OMD, and I also have to think about Werkbund. Although I’m sure that this music will appeal to neofolk/industrial listeners, Radio Eichenlaub himself is not so connected to this scene. The music on “Coats Devoured By Colours” is mostly instrumental, with minimal electronic layers, manipulated noises and loops, varied drumming and rhythms and some sparse distorted vocal samples. There are a few occassions which feature some heavier percussion, like ‘Werkschutz’. The last track ‘Dein Licht ist uns voran’ contains hypnotizing spoken vocals.
The overall mood of the record is rather melancholic. All in all a fine record with over half an hour of atmospheric music.

artist: Radio Eichenlaub
label: Sonderübertragung
details: 12'. ltd. 250. Sü03 (2002)