Raison d`être – Metamorphyses

After a few recent releases with old material Raison D’être is finally back with a new album. Metamorphyses is filled with six newly composed pieces. Of course in a way this seventh full lenght album is more of the same. Still Raison D’être is able to surprise the listener.

Metamorphyses is built around six untitled tracks. The music is more drone-like as before with unpleasant sounding scraping and rattling sounds in the background and some haunting sounds on top of that.

This new work by Raison D’être seems to be insprired by the brilliant releases of Atrium Carceri. The mood and the sounds show a lot of comparisons. Despite the fact that Metamorphyses is more of the same if you are familiar with Raison D’être, this is a good album, as it is done in a very convincing way.

artist: Raison d`être
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: cd, 6 tracks [CMI138]


  1. The album is repetetive, monotonous and boring as hell. Where has the old RDE gone?

  2. i love raison d’etre….but this last release has left me a bit disappointed….is mr.andersson losing his wonderful inspiration???? let’s hope far a better future release

  3. Ultrasroma says

    The first three albums are still for me the best dark ambient albums ever released. Used them a lot to roleplay. It seems now that Mr. Andersson is going towards a very minimalist approah of ambient which I dislike, especially if compared to his earlier stuff.
    I hope he will change in the future to restore this “gregorian” feeling.

  4. Metamorphyses is rich with inspiration. I think it’s some of the best work he’s done in years.I’m not sure why people are so dissappointed. His older albums sound a bit dated. Raison d;etre needed to vary his work instead of recycling old ideas which is what he did with requiem for abandoned souls. ALot of people seem to think an artist should do the same thing otherwise it’s dissappointing. I couldn’t disagree more.

  5. Ya veo que la mayoria de ustedes son gente comun y sin sueños, por lo que sere un poco insensible.

    As i see you don´t have a proper musical instruction, How is possible that this respetable site has a critic with a limitated taste of Music like this subject: MvG. ?
    I suggest all of you (perhaps it sounds so pretencious… and it doesn’t matter) at the first, you must learn listen the sounds of life, the sounds of every day and the sounds of your organism.
    Then you should pay attention to all those great creators like R. Schumann, F. Busoni, JS Bach, K. von Weber, Brahms, Prokofiev….
    The first electronic musicians as Edgard Varése (1930), a little of Tangerine Dream, Jazz, Bossa Nova and Huapangos.
    And the most important: ” Know Yourselves ”

    After that, you will decided if “Metamorphyses” is mediocre or not.
    Peter Andersson Is one of the most brilliants musicians of XXI century and im not refering only the industrial -dark ambient scene.
    Metamorphyses is a journey to Trascendental.

    Raison d’etre is for the ones that enjoy existence.

  6. at J O B… first of all I see your PERSONAL taste is what drives your comment. Second, before saying people have a limitied taste / knowledge of music you better look further… if you really read Funprox well you should know the writers and what they write about here…
    Third, you are 100% wrong to compare Mr. Andersson with great composers… it are different worlds… even Raison D\’etre did produce good albums he is not by far comparable by the names you drop here…
    Your comment seems higly personal and subjective so before saying (more) stupid things… think again first…