Raison d`être – Reflections from the time of opening

This is yet another release of old Raison D’être material. Even though the music is (as always) very good, it is still a little cheap to release more previously unreleased tracks. Reflections From The Time Of Opening features material from before the first album (Prospectus I), two remixes of tracks from that album and a few tracks from compilations.

The cd is all you might expect from Raison D’être: first class post-industrial / dark ambient soundscapes. Sometimes the music is orchestral and bombastic and at other moments more mysterious and sacral. There is a lot of suspense in the music and the selection of the tracks is done very well.

Overall this is a good release, but it might be a little too much with the other unreleased material of this act that has seen the light not that long ago.

artist: Raison d`être
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 20 tracks, 2005 [CMI138]