Rasputeen – Gegen die Wand

Rasputeen was called Rasputin before. As Rasputin, this band mixed Neue Deutsche Welle sounds with minimal elektro and old school industrial elements. Now, as Rasputeen the sound is more clearly defined as minimal elektro. On the one hand this second album is less diverse in sounds as before. On the other hand it is a strong album, which will appeal easier to more people, as the songs are easier to consume and the sound is better to define.

As said the songs on Gegen die Wand are more typical elektro and less playful. Still the material on this release is not standard dancefloor stuff. There are few potential hits of which are ‘Monotonie’ and ‘Schaufensterpuppe’ (which was already released on Herzt/Kernkrach) have the best change to get some people moving.

Although Gegen die Wand is a good second album for Rasputeen, I hope that the future will bring some diversity back in the mix for this band.

artist: Rasputeen
label: Invasion Wreck Chords
details: cd, 19 tracks, 2006 [INV034]