Rasputin – Leberwurstbrot

It is hard to come up with something really new nowadays when it comes to contemporary popmusic. Most of the time new means nothing more then the mix of genres, styles or elements from different types of music. And, most of the time that is not even new at all. Rasputin has also blended elements of old genres, and it may not be revolutionary but it is done very well and the result is an excellent collection of tracks.

The combination of rhythmic industrial and minimal electronics on Leberwurstbrot is really convincing. Especially the songs that are more on the minimal electronic side are very good. You will also hear some NDW influences in these once.

Just listen to ‘Insektenmenschen’, ‘Luegen des Alltags’ and ‘Liebeslieth’ and be surprised how the genres are blended like it was made to be this way (well, some people did this also in the past and it worked then so why not now?).

Also the more industrial minded fans will not be dissapointed. Tracks like ‘Mein Herz Schlaegt’ and Maschinenmenschen’ are harsh rhythmic pieces in the style of Synapscape (Phillip Muench produced this record, so it is not suprising).

After twelve excellent tracks in the style described above there are seven more remixes on this cd, which is really too bad. These remixes push the record too much into an industrial direction. The first twelve songs made up for a really good album on its own. Hopefully we hear more of these from Rasputin soon. Great stuff!

artist: Rasputin
label: Invasion Wreck Chords
details: 20 tracks [INV025]