Razing Darkness – The Anxious Journey

Razing Darkness is Jason Danielson and has just released its fourth album upon the masses. With influences as broad as Coil, Raison D’etre, 70’s Krautrock and Norwegian Black Metal you still don’t really know what to expect.

What you get basicly is an experimental noise album. Not the harsh noise of Institut or IRM, but quite basic noise sounds mixed with ambient and ethereal influences. For 15 tracks this mix is send out to the listener. And the listener won’t get bored with the 72 minutes, or at least doesn’t have to get bored. Enough is happening and the quality of the recording is good.

Razing Darkness pursues in the 72 minutes of this album the constant exploration of the subconscious of sound and the subconscious of self. Whether they succeed is something I’ll leave to you to judge, but I can say that their own description of their music as “pure lof-fi isolationist musick” is too small for me. They have more in stock for the listener. There are enough things to enjoy and to recommend this cd to those people who like their noise to be more than just bleeps and those who like experimental industrial.

artist: Razing Darkness
label: self-released
details: 15 tracks. year of release: 2004