Red Emprez – Clubgirls & Poofs

Red Emprez is a duo formed in 2004 so they’re not quite new kids on the electro block; on the contrary, so far they’ve managed to enchant the audience in Poland quite successfully. If I was to describe the band and their so-far artistic output in one sentence it would be “it’s where the 80s and the electro music meet in the atmosphere of tolerance and understanding”.

Their first CD “Clubgirls & Poofs” intermingles energetic electro, EBM sounds with those of the 80s and seasons it all with capricious vocals that are once harsh and aggressive and soft, sensual and sexy the very next moment. The album is both a bedtime songs compilation and a disco inferno too. In fact, it’s quite diversified and that in my opinion constitutes one of their greatest advantages. I’d say their impact goes on three main levels: electro, trance and club music.

The elements of electro, EBM or even harsh electro reveal in the vocal line that is groaning, hoarse and irregular at certain points ( “Resistanee of Living) and in the speed the music is produced (”My possession”, “Clubgirls and Poofs”). These are fine, danceable tracks, real party must-bes.

The other two elements prevail in the form the pieces featuring the album take. Musically, these bring out the associations with Depeche Mode, David Bowie or even Pet Shop Boys’ “West and Girls” at times. On certain tracks like “The Race” one finds the pace known of Hallucinogen or Haldolium as well; it’s a kinda nice trancelike one. On other tracks, like “Jeans I do” or “However”, the deep, dark voice plays the main part making the impression of lounge sounds and lazy evening on the red couch somewhere in the club where the light is dim and people are wreathed in smoke. Still these are definitely not lullabies, they are full of strong beats that push the whole thing forward.

On the whole, the album comprises of a fair dose of good, catchy music, intelligent lyrics and the acceptable amount of musical experiments to appeal to the lovers of ‘golden mean’’ and balanced solutions.

artist: Red Emprez
details: demo cd, 11 tracks, 2005