Red Harvest – Cold Dark Matter

Oslo is the homebase of this Norwegian band, that released the album “Cold Dark Matter” a few months ago. And let’s get straight to the point (just as the album does), Red Harvest makes heavy industrial metal, not suited for too sensitive listeners. From the first few tones it already becomes clear that this album is not easy to digest, the opening song reminds me a bit of the wall of sound of Godflesh and the like. The second track though sounds more metal, with more dominating guitars, screaming vocals and very fast, chaotic rhythms. In the press statement the sound of the band is described as “Apocalyptic Industrial Cyber Metal”, well, perhaps that gives you an impression. This seems to be their sixth release, I don’t know their previous work, but “Cold Dark Matter” is recommended if you like aggressive, brutal music. I must say that the tracks are rather varied, I prefer the parts sounding more electronic and industrial to the metal pieces.

artist: Red Harvest
label: Nocturnal Art