Red Reflection – Prelude to annihilation

A few years ago I encountered Red Reflection on the Words, Becoming compilation (Fleshmadeword, now called Immanence Records). Amidst all the industrial violence, their atmospheric, neo-classical track ‘Flood’ really stood out. When I recently encountered their (second) album “Prelude to annihilation”, I was curious if their other material had the same high quality.

Well, the answer is simple: yes, this is excellent stuff. A lush instrumental mixture of dramatic orchestral sounds, melodic electronic IDM and ambient textures and subtle industrial elements really get me in their grip. Some tranquil piano or string parts are ambient and relaxing, like ‘Nearly God’, while other denser tracks are more rhythmic, with a tribal feel, like ‘Withering world’. In general highly moving and cinematic material. My favourite track is probably the first one, the very melancholic and nicely constructed ‘The gift’.

Some references that come to mind while listening to “Prelude to annihilation” are In the Nursery, Shinjuku Thief, The Protagonist and Remanence. An album which will find its way to my cd-player on a regular basis!

artist: Red Reflection
label: Frozen Empire Media
details: 10 tracks, 2004 [FEMCD8] ]