Régard Extrême – Résurgence

Régard Extrême is a French neo-classical act, a personal project of Fabien Nicault. Songs from this act have been included on various samplers and RE became known through the 1998 album “Vague L’Ame” (released by World Serpent) and the beautiful collaboration with Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Die Weisse Rose. Now the 1996 debut “Résurgence” has been re-released by Cynfeirdd, which is a good thing, beacuase this album deserves a wider audience. Two tracks are in their original state, 6 others have been re-orchestrated and re-recorded.

The album also contains one unreleased piece, the title track. ‘Résurgence’, which is also the opening song, is the absolute highlight according to me, a majestic and bombastic composition. Most songs are rather tranquil, classical pieces, often sounding rather simple and minimal, but very effective in creating beautiful atmospheres. I first heard this album while travelling through the Swiss mountains, which for some reason seemed a fitting decor for the music. A few songs contain powerful drum sounds, further most tracks consist of melancholic string layers with choral sounds. This album is recommended if you like neo-classical music, and bands like In the Nursery, Stoa or The Protagonist.

artist: Régard Extrême
label: Cynfeirdd
details: 9 tracks