Remain Silent – T/I/D

The packaging and artwork of this new release on the French Brume Records look promising, as usual. Remain Silent is a new electronic act, which has devoted the last two years to create this debut album. It contains almost 70 min. of music, divided over three long tracks. The titles are: ‘Tension’, ‘Introversion’ and ‘Destruction’. They are not chosen randomly, because they represent the artists worldview:

It is a cycle of life. Tension can be felt everywhere and in everything. It leads the human being to shut himself away in his own world, using introversion in order to find rest only through destruction.

The album directly starts dense and powerful, with overwhelming beats and a rich structure of sounds. It makes me think a little of Mlada Fronta. The sound is kinda futuristic and spacey. Luckily rhythmic parts are alternated with more spheric passages, to give you some breathe. There’s also a midtempo, quite ritual percussive part in ‘Tension’ which I really enjoy. Soon more elaborate and uptempo rhythmic frameworks follow, followed by cool urban moody soundscapes. But no mood or style seems to last longer than 1 or 2 minutes, before you are treated to new sounds and ideas. Actually it seems like a dozen different tracks are all incorporated in one superstructure. From rhythmic industrial to heavy breakcore, from high-tech ambient to atmospheric rituals, this is a breath-taking and exhausting trip.

There is enough to experience on this album. At times it gets a little too much, and do I begin to long for minimal music. But if you consume this album track by track Remain Silent is absolutely satisfying. Certainly an interesting release for lovers of varied and complex rhythmic electronic music.

artist: Remain Silent
label: Brume Records