Remanence – a Strange Constellation of Events

Remanence from the USA left a good impression with their previous releases. After a few years of silence, they returned in 2005 with the album “a Strange Constellation of events”. As before, Remanence brings us lovely organic soundscapes and a beautiful packaging.

The new cd comes in a smaller type dvd-case, which contains a nicely designed ‘velum’ insert with short articles about ‘synchronistic events’, ‘fireflies’ and ‘transatlantic radio signals’. The title of the album probably refers both to the unusual conceptual themes and the struggle to complete this album, with all kinds of adversity like stolen equipment.

There are ten soundscapes on the album with a very organic feel, through all the natural themes and the field recordings that were used. There are many spacious, ethereal ambient layers, combined with darker, ‘nightly’ drones, microscopic field sounds and subtle rhythms here and there. “a Strange Constellation of events” is carefully crafted and clearly produced. Remanence offers us very pleasant dreamy music to enjoy late at night, making you wonder about the mysteries of nature.

artist: Remanence
label: mPath Records
details: cd, 10 tracks, 63 min. 2005