Retail Sectors, The – Untitled

When I first saw the promo CDR of this Japanese band I didn’t even bother to put it in my record player. A band with so little concern for the outlook of their release couldn’t be worth listening. A simple paper cover with an ugly print and some contact information. There was no track information, I had to derive the band name from their hotmail-address and even the title of the release is absent.

I played it anyway and the surprise was immense. Delicate post-rock pur sang. Very reminiscent of Explosions in the sky and Mogwai. Of course the Godspeed You! Black Emperor influences are there, but The Retail Sectors are more to the point, a little faster and more concrete than GY!BE. Simple melody lines are a delicacy for the listener’s ears. A very moody and promising cd-r.
Just look out for their debut album ‘The starlight silent night’, out on Distraction Records sometime in November.

artist: Retail Sectors, The
label: self-released
details: 10 tracks, 70 minutes, 2005