Reutoff – Reutraum III

Many bands are active in the dark ambient field nowadays, but there are only few that surpass the average level in this genre. Reutoff has in a short time proved to be one of the better dark ambient acts. This Russian project already impressed me on the ‘Heilige Feuer” compilation, and the two tracks on this single are also of high quality.

The sleeve is very stylish, and the single itself is pressed in very heavy white vinyl. The tracks are called Morok (unter) and Moss and are really captivating. They don’t get boring at all, in fact they could have lasted a bit longer to my taste! Although the music is mostly instrumental and rather slow, it is varied and exciting, using very original sounds. According to their website Reutoff is rather productive, so i think I will try to get some material of this band…

artist: Reutoff
label: Hau Ruck!
details: 7', 4 tracks, limited to 350 copies