Reutoff – Unseen Rituals

Strange, the first times I played this album I thought it sounded interesting, but it did not give me a special feeling. Today, on a Tuesday morning, I put this album by this Russian project in my stereo again and now it got my total attention! So far the various (mainly vinyl) releases of Reutoff have never disapppointed me, and “Unseen Rituals” is no exception. Sometimes, like in this case, their work takes some time to grow on me, but then my patience is rewarded. This is their first ‘offical album’ after various cdr’s, and it comes in a nice special sized folder with full-color printing.

Seven long tracks are present on this album devoted to unconscious and hidden human rituals. Intriguing, rich soundscapes with various ambient, ritual, industrial and classical elements. Waves of swirling sound gulf over you, almost drown you at times. Especially the first tracks sound surprisingly threatening, through the military drums and the horn sounds. the later tracks give me a more melancholic feeling, with delicate layers of moving sound. A dynamic and intense album full of tension.

artist: Reutoff
label: Ewers Tonkunst
details: 7 tracks. HHE 003 (2002)