Reutoff vs. Antlers Mulm – Kreuzung Eins

Here we have an interesting collaboration: Reutoff from Russia and Antlers Mulm from Germany, two acts which have convinced me in the past with high quality material. On this streamlined looking LP release both acts contribute an exclusive track, as well as remix two tracks of each other. To generalize the style of this record, you could describe it as ritual ambient music.

The A-side starts with two remixes of ‘Schau unseren Jubel’, taken from the Antlers Mulm MLP Grosser goldener Tag and given a special treatment by Reutoff. It is followed by the unreleased track ‘Kolomna’ by Reutoff. These tracks have that intangible sense of mystery the Russians are so good at, in the form of atmospheric and hypnotizing soundscapes. They combine electronic elements, voices, classical samples and acoustic sources, like metallic sounds and industrial rumblings. The overall mood is quite sad and melancholic. Only mix 2 of ‘Schau Unseren Jubel!’ is a more melodic, quite rhythmic cold electronic song, with repetitive vocals, reminding me of Polygon.

The other side contains two versions of from Reutoff’s ‘Die Sunden der Vater’ from the cd Gute Nacht, Berlin!, remixed by Antlers Mulm. The final track of the Lp is ‘Our destination’, a new Antlers Mulm creation. These tracks have a clearer electronic sound and contain more rhythmic elements, even approaching a martial style in the final track. Through the old-fashioned spoken vocals this tracks gets a nice nostalgic touch. Especially this side of the record is rather accessible and melodic.

The title indicates that there might be a sequel. I certainly wouldn’t mind a renewed collaboration of these two interesting projects.

artist: Reutoff
label: Ewers Tonkunst
details: MLP, 6 tracks, 2005, lim. 33o copies [HHE 008 V]