Richter – Cost of living

Richter are Lizz Andrykew and Jack. They occasionaly get assistance on guitar by Dean Johnston and Craig Moffitt. Together they are responsible for this album “Cost Of Living”, the self-released debut album.

On this album one will get synthpop the way it is meant to be. Very nice arrangements, nice little experiments and lyrics that are actualy dealing with things, be it friendship or politics. There is a dark message in there, in lyrics as well as in the music.

Every song of its own is worth listening too, special recommendations come for “Know What You Know” and “Salvation”. Jack’s voice really fits the music perfectly. And the music is well-produced, especially for a self-produced album.

Alas, the album also has its weaker points. Again here we have to mention Jack’s voice, where it does indeed perfectly fit to the music, it also lacks variation. Variation that also is lacking a bit in the music. The tracks are just a little bit too much alike. Deeming the album too long, even though all tracks on themselves are good to very good.

For a debut album this truly is very good, I can only start looking forward to the second release of Richter already, oh and of course hope to see them play live sometime soon.

artist: Richter
label: Sound as a Weapon
details: 14 tracks, 2005