Riharc Smiles – The last green days of summer

Riharc Smiles is a new act for me. Their mlp is released by Ahnstern, mostly known as the label of Allerseelen. The music of Riharc Smiles combines traditional folk with medieval elements. Heavy percussion, bagpipes and various traditional form the solid base of most tracks. The Austrian band sounds convincing, perhaps they have build up experience by playing live.

The absolute ‘hit’ of the album is the second track. An uptempo piece with an infectious drum rhythm and lyre melody and which reminds me of more cheerful Sopor Aeternus work, especially through the somewhat similar vocals (only on this track). This sort of ‘drinking song’ can be played at all medieval festivities.

The music on this record has a ‘feel good’ atmosphere, enjoy life to the fullest while you can. Nevertheless ‘Last Green Days Of Summer’ does not sound shallow, but warm and integer. Many lyrics are filled with mythical references and express a longing for ancient times. The album also has musicwise enough alternation between uptempo and moody pieces to keep me interested. There is for instance also a piano ballad, which makes me think a bit of recent Dies Natalis work. The next track reminds me more of 70’s folk music.

This album is entertaining and pleasant to listen to, though I’m a bit late reviewing it, since summer has already been gone for quite some time. But Riharc Smiles makes me think of warmer times.

artist: Riharc Smiles
label: Ahnstern
details: lp