Rob Swift / Etienne Lecroart – Oumopo 2

This is the second release in the Oumupo series on the French label 0101/Ici d’ailleurs. Everything follows the same concept as the first release in this series. Except for now the musical artist is turntablist Rob Swift, and graphic artist is Etienne Lecroart.

I must first state I am not the biggest fan of turntablism. It too often only focuses at the tricks the artist can do, not at the music itself. Only few artists have succeeded in releasing interesting turntablism records.

This cd is one of those exceptions. It’s a dreamy melancholic cd, with at times the usual scratching and freaking, but most of the time it is simply nice music build on strong source material. Just as well as Third Eye Foundation was able to give the source material it’s very own tiwst, Rob Swift is able to do the same.

Rob Swift shows his skills in creating a flow of music that feels natural, swaying from hip hop beats to almost post rockish songs. Although the main influence is clearly hip hop, the varied source material makes sure the music changes and evolves with loosing a sense of unity. To me one song really stands out though. Track 4, Rob Swift using Eric Aldea’s 1. A strange beat forms the basis for a very moody piece featuring something like a pump organ and Arabian flutes.

The comic book is nice to see again, but again I must admit my knowledge of comics is too limited to really comment on it. Beside this it is all in French, and my knowledge of French isn’t too great either.

This cd is a great second release in the Oumupo series. Go have a listen at the Oumupo website, and see for yourself. Be surprised by this promising project.

artist: Rob Swift / Etienne Lecroart
label: 0101
details: cd + comic {oumupo 2]