Rome – Berlin

Rome is a new star in the Cold Meat firmament. The EP Berlin is the official debut of this project by Jérôme Reuter, who does not come from Rome or Berlin, but from Luxembourg. It contains six tracks with a convincing apocalyptic atmosphere.

Industrial, dark ambient, martial and neofolk elements are combined in an attractive mix. The individual songs remind me of other acts. ‘Like lovers’ with its masculine spoken voice makes me think of Coph Nia, the folky ‘The Orchards’ with its crooning vocals of Spiritual Front, while the dark ‘Une autre vision’ has similarities to Death in June.

There are plenty of references to other acts possible, but the combination of elements is quite original. The tracks are also executed in a solid matter, therefore Berlin can be regarded as a succesful first release. Hopefully the full-length album “Nera” which was recently released by Cold Meat continues this positive development.

Rome is a new upcoming and promising talent on Cold Meat Industry. To be more precise, Rome is the most interesting new band on the label since a long time. Berlin is an EP which is released as a teaser for the real debut album.

The sound of Rome is tranquil and powerful at the same time. A tranquil mood is mixed with a powerful sound. The music is post-industrial, new wave and neo-folk inspired. From time to time powerful vocal (samples) and rhythms spice up the music.

This EP is indeed a true teaser as it leaves you wanting for more. The debut cd is also out now and is even more impressive as this EP.

artist: Rome
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: cd, 6 tracks, 2006 [CMI156]