Romowe Rikoito – Astradeiwa

Only the third album by Romowe Rikoito, which was formed in Kaliningrad in 1995. While their previous albums appeared on the Russian label Brudenia, they now are taken care of by Ars Benevola Mater from Italy. People who heard their earlier work won’t be too surprised by the style of “Astradeiwa”. Romowe Rikoito play a romantic form of dark folk music with many neo-classical influences. There are both male and female voices, cello and violin, keyboards and flutes and acoustic guitars.

The songs are tranquil and slowly built up, with tracks lengths ranging from 4 till 11 minutes. In other words, an album which demands some time and attention of the listener. Lyrics are taken from various sources and writers, like Crowly, Shelley, Rossetti and de Nerval, with two own texts added. This adds a mood characterised by mystery, desire, decadence and sacredness.

Romowe Rikoito manages to sound very warm and melancholic. Perhaps the songs could be a bit more varied in pace and style. Especially the male voice does not have many nuances. Otherwise the quality of the music and the atmosphere which is created are certainly impressive. A very nice background for intimate romantic evenings.

artist: Romowe Rikoito
label: Ars Benevola Mater
details: 8 tracks, 57 min, 2005. [ABM10]