Romowe Rikoito – L’Automne Eternel

A French album title, but a Russian band, that already appeared on the “Edge if the Night” sampler, that was filled with talented Russian groups. This is the second album of Romowe Rikoito, their first album was called “Narcissism”. Their debut was good, but this album is even better. Romowe Rikoito brings us tranquil neo-folk, with acoustic guitars, piano and great strings, and beautiful compositions.

The atmosphere is romantic and melancholic, like on the track ‘Fons Aeternae Juventutis’, the absolute highlight according to me. No less than 9 bandmembers and various guest musicians ensure that the instrumentation is varied. Some of the lyrics are adaptations of poetry, from the likes of T.S. Eliot, Baudelaire and De Nerval. A splendid release, that proves once more that there are a lot of talented musicians in the Russian underground.

artist: Romowe Rikoito
label: Brudenia
details: 8 tracks