Rondel Kilgore & Heath Yonaites – Damaged Lethal Harmonies

On this release, Rondel Kilgore and Heath Yonaites are supported by The Melbourne Subterrenean Childrens Choir (on a picture on the back sleeve they are shown temporarily above ground).

The Subterranean Children bring a lot of awe in this release. They sing and moan throughout the drones which are created out of string instruments and electronics. Most of the times one singular drone keeps continuing; static but quite rich, heavy and overthrowing. I wouldn’t call the overall atmosphere on this album dark, it’s more serene and by times beautiful. Also the guitar is brought into play sometimes. It doesn’t continue in the same experimental vein but brings a poppy joy into the songs.

‘Serotonin delay’ is a perfect example of the diversity of this collaboration, since it incorporates electronics, accessible pop, and rich ambient. Also melody is omnipresent, especially in the beautiful track ‘Entirely soon’, which could be written by Sigur Ros or Slowdive.

‘Damaged lethal harmonies’ isn’t quite lethal, but it exerts a strong, irresistible force.

artist: Heath Yonaites
label: Dreamland Recordings
details: 4 tracks, 23 min [DR013]