Rorschach Garden, The – Far Away From Paradise EP

The new German label Disorder Records is having a great start. So far this year two 7” EP’s has been released. Both singles feature electro music that is among the best that is being made at the moment. Next to the Grandeur Et Decadence EP by Le Syndicat Electronique there is this single from The Rorschach Garden.

The Rorschach Garden plays synth/electro wave in a way that is seldom heard anymore these days. On this EP there are nice mid tempo songs that are both good to dance to as pleasant to listen to. The overall feeling is moody but never depressing. Beats and basslines keep going on but on top of that are beautiful synth layers that are reminiscent of 80’s synth/wave music.

The title-track and ‘Focus’ are both new songs by the band and have a melancholy feeling to them, like the better work of Depeche Mode and New Order has.
‘Desire’ is an old song (1995) from the time the band only put out tape releases. But even now the song sounds great.

Disorder Records is a label to keep an eye on and The Rorschach Garden a band to cherish. It has been a long while since I heard such nice wave music.

artist: Rorschach Garden, The
label: Disorder Records
details: 7' ep, 3 tracks