Rorschach Garden, The – Flow of Life

Just a little while ago the German The Rorschach Garden released a 7” EP called Far Away From Paradise. On that record were three wonderful electro-wave songs. Now there is already a new mini-lp with new songs on it and a couple of remixes.

The record opens with a nice and atmospheric pop song, ‘Solarize’. Rhythmic and melodic this song is (again) an example of perfect popmusic. The Rorschach Garden has proven before that writing popsongs is one thing they are very good at. Also the tracks ‘Named by numbers’ and ‘Flow of Life’ are excellent electropop tracks, but especially ‘Flow of Life’ stands out, due to its typical catchy 80’s melody. Kim Wilde’s producers could have learned a few things from this…

This record is not just pop. ‘Beefcake’s Spurspalten Mix’ is for example a piece of more experimental electronic music with original rhythms and sounds. Besides this track ‘Freedom of choice’, ‘Consuming drugs’ and ‘Bizarre’ are also absolutely not easy, dance orientated electropop tunes.

Due to this the lp is very exciting and differs a lot from what you would expect. As much as I like this I still hope The Rorschach Garden will continue to write some more of those great and beautiful popsongs. Who else can I turn to for the best electro-wave there is nowadays?

artist: Rorschach Garden, The
label: Thrillbeatconstruction
details: mlp