Rorschach Garden, The – S/T

The Rorschach Garden is the electro pop project by P. Muench, who is mostly known from his work with rhythmic industrial act Synapscape. After the start of The Rorschach Garden in 1988 and a hiatus of several years this act released a string of (mostly limited vinyls) since 2001. The very poppy and catchy 80’s influenced elector pop has real hit potential. The sales of the releases proved this.

Now with the (unlimited) release of this compilation cd The Rorschach Garden will probably find it way into many more home stereo sets. The 18 (!!) tracks on this cd are of the highest quality electro pop music. From electro (‘State Protection’) this cd takes you to more wave-orientated material (‘Focus’) to very poppy (even a bit New Order like) tracks (‘Fish and Honey’). Whatever sound may dominate the tracks, all these tracks are simply great.

Too bad The Rorschach Garden will no longer be a well kept secret for the happy few. But, on the other hand, the world needs this music. Just listen to this cd and you will feel good. For sure.

artist: Rorschach Garden, The
label: Bazooka Joe
details: 18 tracks [Bubble6/KAL006]