Roz Vitalis – Nice Edge / Painsadist

All the way from Russia came two cdr EP’s from a project called Roz Vitalis. The ‘Nice Edge’ EP dates from 2001 and contains 6 tracks. ‘Painsadist’ is from 2003 and offers 7 pieces. The music is largely made by keyboards and sounds rather improvised and experimental. It is hard to put it in a musical corner, but it sounds a bit like a mixture of early 70’s psychedelic and ‘modern’ progressive rock music.

I have to say that it works a little on my nerves, it is not suited music to listen to while working. Rather chaotic structures and many high keyboard notes and freaking passages can be found on the long title track of “Nice Edge”. I like the soft piano sounds of “Hrupky pokoy’ better, though it continues with what sounds like an out-of-tune church organ. Although I always appreciate daring musicians with an experimental approach, I can’t really listen to this music very long. I miss good songs and the keybaord sounds begin to irritate me after a while.

The newer ‘Painsadist’ EP is more pleasant to listen to, some of the song structures are kept more simple and have the added attraction of (female) vocals, with a somewhat fairy-like effect, like on ‘Vision of loving fire’. But there also a few songs which I can’t stand at all, like ‘Play with everlasting fire’, which is hard to follow.
Sorry, not my cup of tea at all, but perhaps for lovers of ‘progressive music’ Roz Vitalis could be an interesting project.

artist: Roz Vitalis
label: self-released