Runes Order – The Art of Scare and Sorrow

The seventh album of Claudio Dondo’s dark ambient project Runes Order. The album combines ’70 horror movies atmospheres (Goblin, Frizzi, Simonetti) with ’80 industrial sounds and is inspired by the cult movie “The House with Windows that Laught” by Pupi Avati. Most of the tracks on the album are rather atmospherical.

A number of tracks become dull after a while because of a lack of composition. Participating on this album are Helden Rune’s guitar man, Tony Tears, and Argento for the voices. A particular good track is “Murder is a faith”. A track with a deep droning base and pathetical voices, that doesn’t lose its pace. Overall a good album with some magnificent tracks.

artist: Runes Order
label: Beyond... Prod.
details: 14 tracks