Saal 2 -­ Weil das System nicht funktioniert!

The Neue Deutsche Welle band Saal 2 is probably only known to a few connoisseurs of this music genre. Their song ‘Angst vorm Tanzen’ is a small hit on the minimal/NDW dancefloor. So, it is no surprise that this piece is the first track on this compilation LP. It is a great neurotic but catchy dance tune.

Most of the other fifteen tracks on the Weil das System nicht funktioniert! are just as crazy and neurotic. Also many are not released before which makes this record a nice collector piece. Prominent in the sound of Saal 2 are the fast rhythms and the organ melodies. The mood is typical for early NDW, with quite some punk influences.

Most likely this record will only be attractive to people already familiar with the band and/or the typical rough NDW sound of the early 80’s. It is not accessible enough as an introduction to this era and style. But that is also part of the charm of this band and this record.

artist: Saal 2
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: LP, 16 tracks [VOD21]