Sadkarma – Solis (EP)

‘Solis’ is an EP release through Onyxia Records. ‘Solis’ is mostly atmospherics and ambience, but also features piano, guitar other electronic instruments. Songs on ‘Solis’ almost remind of new age; that dreaded yet sometimes-pleasant genre. Things are quite peaceful and harmonious on these four tracks, but not particularly exciting.

I suppose being exciting is not the intent of these songs. Rather, it would seem that the intent of these songs is to relax and sooth- which is accomplished. I am not overly impressed however by some of the stock sound choices, such as chirping birds and other such organic creatures one hears on these four songs occasionally. Although, if I were looking for background music before bedtime, or if I operated store and wanted something to play for customers, I wouldn’t hesitate in grabbing this cd.

artist: Sadkarma
label: Onyxia
details: 4 tracks, 31 mins, 2005 [Onyx004]