Samartzis – Müller – Voice Crack – Wireless within

An electronic reflection of a visit to the rainforest is presented here. Laptop minimalism by Guhl and Möslang in collaboration with Günter Müller and the Australian sound artist Philip Samartzis.

Cracks, hums, microscopic soundbites from electronic mosquitoes. In three tracks the sound artists present a collection of noises that seem compiled quite randomly. No melody or rhythms whatsoever. Plain texture. Although I like minimalism and acts alike such as the projects of Frans de Waard, this collaboration is pure musical nihilism to me. Can I describe the sound patterns? Impossible. Can I sum up the noises? Well, let’s say it’s glitch. The effect on me? Nada.

artist: Samartzis - Müller - Voice Crack
label: For 4 Ears
details: 3 tracks, 57 mins., 2005