Sand, The – The memory of dead romances

The Sand is a one-man project from Italy. Main man is Umberto Marconi, who has created this self-released cd. The listerer can expect gothic music with a sense of tradition. The vocals are rather tormented, especially in ‘Prayers’, even more than The Fields of the Nephilim. The gothic rock is adorned by electronic means, which sound somewhat orchestral at times. Most songs on this cd possess a pleasant spontaneity and a somewhat sad atmosphere. Some tracks rock a little more than others.

A nostalgic trip that takes you two decades back, especially when you hear the Joy Division cover ‘Transmission’. For a self-released debut this dark rock by The Sand is certainly not disappointing, though I personally find that there is a bit too much pathos and not enough originality at times.

artist: Sand, The
label: self-released