Sara Lunden – This is not desire

Lobotom Records is a label from Sweden that releases Swedish bands that like to play with electronics instruments. This single by Sara Lunden is a great electronic pop release. The “A-side”, This Is Not Desire, is a minimal analogue pop tune with a nice melancholy new wave feeling. It is both a good dance track as a very suitable piece to enjoy at home.

Marlon Brandon on the “B-side” is more down tempo with a sort of moody lounge touch to it. Like the A-side this is a wonderful melancholy piece of electronic pop music. There is also a third track on the single, which is remix version of This Is Not Desire. Too bad it is a little too cheesy and easy. It is made for the mainstream modern dancefloor. I rather listen to the original version.

Sara Lunden surprised me and I will certainly keep my eyes out for more music from her (she also has a full length album out on Lobotom).

artist: Sara Lunden
label: Lobotom Records
details: 3 tracks [LOBOTOM03]