Sava – Aire

In Germany but also in the rest of Europe there seems to be some sort of folk revival. There are many good releases coming out and also quite some concerts since a few years. The medieval rock band Schandmaul and pagan folk band Faun are two of the bigger acts from Germany. Faun member Oliver Sa Tyr and Schandmaul member Birgit Muggenthaler have teamed up for this new folk and medieval project called Sava.

Sava sounds more traditonal than the music the bands normally play. I must confess I even like Sava better then the most recent Faun album ‘Licht’ which I still enjoy quite often.

The more traditonal feeling and approach of this music works very well. Also the selection of tunes on this album is wonderful. Absolute highlights are the dance tunes ‘Eire’ and ‘Wylde Hunt’. The more tranquil pieces like ‘Harpen’ and ‘Vadin at Vilja’ are equally beautiful.

Too bad there are no plans to turn this project also into a live thing. I would expect that they would have much success at the folkfestivals in Europe. Well maybe someday in the future… At least there is this great record to enjoy. A must have for all fans of European folk and medieval music.

artist: Sava
label: Curzweyhl
details: 11 tracks [354.5021.2]