S:cage – Remote

S:cage was named Splintercage before and has only released a cassette before in 1996. When listening to Remote you may ask yourself why, because this is one of the better industrial albums you might have heard the past few years.

The nine tracks on this disc are very much like a soundtrack. And, are especially recommended to listen to while viewing a movie as Metropolis.

Expect no monotonous rhythmic industrial or tedious dark ambient pieces. Remote is filled with nice effects, beautiful atmospheres and harsh rhythms. Due to a perfect timing and addition of new elements at the right moment you hear that there is really been thought about this music. Maybe that is the reason why a new release took so long?

Tracks like ‘Infant Cycle’ and ‘Archaic’ are addictive to listen to. The combination of heavy machine like rhythms with scary sounds are in stark contrast with the quiet moments on this album, but give the music just the right dynamic that makes it so interesting.

Seldom I have heard how loud industrial is combined in such a beautiful way with the complexity of IDM. S:cage can without a doubt be called the industrial equivalent of Autechre.

artist: S:cage
label: Ant-Zen
details: 9 tracks [ACT156]