Scanner + Tonne – Sound Polaroids

This cd is a collaboration between Scanner, who released lots of cutting edge electronic records over the years, and Tonne, whom I’ve never heard of so far. It is a soundtrack for an exhibition held at various locations.

Dark and mysterious strings in the typical Scanner style are mixed with various ‘found’ sounds such as church bells, people walking and talking, and less recognisable sounds which were all recorded in the cities where the exhibitions were held. Part of the sounds were created by processing pictures of the different cities into soundfiles. Together these sounds form an intense and mysterious sound-adventure which is constantly changing.

Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s light, sometimes it’s rhythmic, sometimes it’s not, but at the same time it has an overall feeling of coherence, as if walking through an unknown city with a blindfold on. A real sonic trip!

artist: Scanner + Tonne
label: Bip-hop
details: 6 tracks, 53 minutes