Scapesonik – Display

The Shadowplay Electronica label released the debut album by Marina Sirtis this year. That record is a beautiful piece of electronic popmusic. It has to be said that Scapensonik, another Shadowplay band, is not as good as Marina Sirtis, but Display is nonetheless a nice disc.

Scapesonik plays somewhat dark, but playful, electropop. The poppy vocals make the music very accessible. In some songs the 80’s influences is evident, like in ‘Your Queen’. Also ‘A man with a Dog’ sounds like 80’s pop, like Anne Clark used to play. The sound of Scapesonik is overall a bit like the cold electronic wave of Anne Clark, only combined with modern aspects, which calls to mind Lamb. This is most clear in ‘I’ll be me’.

Display is not an essential record, but very nice anyway.

artist: Scapesonik
label: Shadowplay Electronica