Schaltkreis Wassermann – Psychotron

Psychotron is a legendary electronic music album from 1980. As with many electronic music from the past there is now a re-release of this record on cd with some extra tracks.

The music by Schaltkreis Wassermann is rather unique. Their style is something between minimal synth music from the 80’s and krautrock/psychedelic music from the 70’s. You will hear clear influences from Tangerine Dream and the musicians around that band in the tracks on this cd.
Some of the pieces are sort of symphonic and have an orchestral touch. Very nice is the darker and more experimental track ‘Spaced Out’. At times the sound is light and dance like as on ‘Zeit und Raum’.

The four additional tracks are a nice gift. ’Hyperspace’ is sounding a lot like a modern electro track but ‘Excursion’ on the other hand is an excellent piece of psychedelic music.
Both for fans and for people yet unknown with Schaltkreis Wassermann this re-issue is a nice historical record.

artist: Schaltkreis Wassermann
label: Hypermusic
details: 14 tracks [hd 21-2]