Schloss Tegal – Neoterrik Research: The Hidden History Of Schloss Tegal

Schloss Tegal has been active for a very long time. After four full length albums, and lots of contributions to compilations, Cold Spring (who also released their previous album) has now released an overview of Schloss Tegal?s history. ?Neoterrik Research? contains 11 tracks, most of which are compilation tracks, as well as a few remixes.

Schloss Tegal make music that lies somewhere in between dark-ambient and industrial music. Their approach has always been marked by an interest in the dark regions of obscure ?scientific? experiment, covert military operations and things generally ?cthuloid?. Previous recordings were inspired by the utilisation of military equipment, parapsychological recordings and other strange sources. This approach made Schloss Tegal reach a level of obscurity that can easily be called ?cult?. Their music is always a bit raw, but nevertheless very refined and controlled. Eerie sounds and spooky voices drift by to create an abstract and haunting atmosphere.

This CD is a good introduction to the works of Schloss Tegal to those who are yet unfamiliar with their works, as well as a nice completion for those already convinced by their works..

artist: Schloss Tegal
label: Cold Spring
details: CSR45CD (April 2004)