Schuster, Matthias – Atemlos/Ritual/Im Namen Des Volkes

Matthias Schuster is in some circles well known for his work as an electronic musician/composer. He has been active since the mid 70’s (and still is) under various names and with different formations.

On this cd his early work is collected. Next to the Atemlos lp (1981), the Ritual EP and the legendary Im Namen Des Volkes single (from 1979) are included. This single is an early and true piece of minimal electronics. Even only for these three tracks this cd release is interesting. But there is more.

Ritual is, as the title suggest, ritualistic music consisting of five hypnotic tracks. The music reminds me a bit of some 60’s experimental electronic music like that of Popol Vuh.

The Atemlos lp is a thirteen track counting album that is somewhere between minimal electronics, experimental music and NDW. Some tracks are a bit like the pieces on Ritual while others sound a bit like early D.A.F. (as on the Die Kleinen und die Bösen lp). As a bonus the 1998 remix of ‘Ritual IV’ is included. This is a more danceable version which completes this selection of tracks very well.

Atemlos/Ritual/Im Namen Des Volkes is a very worthwhile and relevant re-issue. The music featured is both interesting and enjoyable. This is obscure music made available again. Recommended!

artist: Schuster, Matthias
label: NLW
details: 22 tracks [NLW005]